Welcome to SWTE

Southwest Traffic Engineering, LLC (SWTE) is an Arizona-based Traffic Engineering firm providing comprehensive Traffic Engineering Design and Transportation Planning/Analysis services on a regional level. Founded in 2003 by Andrew Smigielski SWTE is comprised of professional engineers holding registrations in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Utah. Our firm’s exclusive focus on Traffic Engineering design and analysis affords us the unique opportunity to offer our clients focused, expert service, and results.

As a firm that has completed both private and public projects throughout Arizona, we are familiar with not only many of the guidelines and standards for agencies in Arizona, but also have established relationships with their staff. SWTE is able to offer multiple traffic engineering-teams who are able to work on separate traffic engineering tasks within one project (e.g. ITS design team, traffic control design team).  By having the capability of providing multiple internal teams working on the Traffic Portions of a project, SWTE is able to provide quality analysis and design for projects without over burdening a typical Traffic Engineering team staff of two to four people.

SWTE’s values as a company focus on the communities we live and work in.  As an Arizona Firm with families that work, live and play in our State, SWTE recognizes that we serve not only the citizens of the communities we work in, but also its visitors. Infrastructure plays a very visible role in the daily lives of our citizens and can make lasting impressions on visitors. In order to do this at the best level, SWTE specializes in Traffic Engineering analysis and design, and prides itself on the knowledge that our staff is specifically trained in, and receives ongoing training in Traffic Engineering skills. Our team does not ‘dabble’ in roadway engineering, drainage, or other skill areas. We have established long term relationships with engineering firms that specialize in specific disciplines outside of traffic engineering and are never afraid to utilize their knowledge and skills. SWTE’s philosophy is that the community is our ultimate client by entrusting us to create safe and effective plans that have positive impacts on Arizona communities. Arizona communities that have allowed SWTE to become a leader in our field and we are more than willing to support them in return.

SWTE strongly believes in giving back to the community and supports and encourages all team members to volunteer through a flexible work week. This volunteering extends to not only mentoring young children and people considering civil engineering or STEM (science technology engineering math) pursuits through events such as the Future City Competition and E-week, but also events as diverse as career days, Habitat for Humanity, and the Arizona Trail. Events that provide us with the opportunity to be positive role models, teach the public on what traffic engineers and our plans do, and learn ourselves on how to be better human beings. This involvement strengthens our client service skills and offers us the ability to better understand our client’s needs.